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It's a simple, fun and affordable way to transform a specific motorcycle into a one of a kind vintage custom.

Our kits are basically bolt on components, there are a few exceptions.

There are 4 basic components to our kits:
1. Unpainted rear fender with all mounting brackets.
2. Seat with mounting brackets.
3. Lighting (with all mounting brackets including license plate).
4. Pre-drilled drag bars (with risers if necessary).


• Savage (S40) • Boulevard (M50) 800 • Volusia (C50) 800

V STAR 650 .  V STAR1100​​

Our Yamaha V-Star 650 and 1100 kits will fit any year, classic or custom model. Stock rims and suspension are a must for our kits. The V-star shown has the stock tank and nothing has been changed on the frame.  The V-Stars are the longest, lowest and most wicked bobbers of them all!!!


 Vulcan 900• Vulcan 800 & 400

 Under that ugly skin was a beautiful platform for the perfect bobber! Just like our other bikes, stock wheels, suspensions and rear tire sizes are a must for our kits. Is our Vulcan 900 the perfect bobber? Spock used logic without emotion. We think Spock would say our Vulcan 900 is the "Perfect Bobber".  fast and extremely fun way to get you all emotional about your " Perfect Bobber".

The M50 is 800 cc's of pure fun and excitement. Add our bolt on kits, a little custom paint and rotate the stock handlebar risers. You will have to cut and remove the stock rear fender tabs. Our seat and rear fender have to be used together. The seat won't mount with the stock rear fender. Stock suspension, wheels and rear tire are a must when using our kits.

Ace. Rebel.Spirit.Shadow 600 & 400. Aero

HONDA bikes are simple. You don't change wheels, suspension, frames, gas tanks or anything mechanical. The folks that manufacture these bikes spend millions of dollars to make them safe and dependable. We just help you make them special and specific to you and only you.

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